A comprehensive guide to FIFA 15.

Games that are released every year, are usually criticized by fans for either getting no changes from the previous title or a complete overhaul in terms of gameplay. Either way, gamers are often left unhappy after the launch of a game. Electronic Arts, publisher and developer of the FIFA series, has not disappointed fans with the release of this title.

FIFA does away with all the major issues that have plagued the previous editions and keeps the original gameplay style similar. FIFA 14 had the most animations of all the titles, but the problem with that was, it was making the game slower. A press of a button on the controller triggered an animation, which triggered an action.

In FIFA 15, EA brings in realism into the game. Along with really realistic animations, the developer has brought in player reactions that reflect how a player would react in a particular situation in real life. Another area that EA has really worked is on goalkeepers. The developer has finally realized that goalkeeping is a very important area of football and they have created custom actions that are specific to certain goalkeepers. Electronic Arts collaborated with USA star goalkeeper Tim Howard to create the most real goalkeeping experience ever.

Attackers are also given more control on the ball and shots are more unrealistic. The controller is more sensitive and that affects the action that is triggered in the game.

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